A dark night dream

Once upon a time in my childhood I saw a dream in sleep that was…….

A moderate house instead of small hut which have leakage in rain. Iam coming from a long distance don’t know where from exactly.Arrived in stop my friend was waiting for me with a bike which having some extra things than what he see in now. He actually driving the bike but iam not sitting. Iam running behind the bike.they are chatting something. Just before reaching home he met his childhood companion. Her mother was also with her. She has a cover of long breads with her. She gives me one long one. I gave half of that my friend. His home is near my home but not in reality. I reached my home. Some maintenance works is happening there. My mom welcomes me with tears. Dad welcomes me with a smile and asked me about the journey. Brother also quarrying same with him. I entered inside totally changed. Floor is dirty with dropes of paint. Blanc…..now iam visiting my dog she is happy.

Dream got deflect

Now iam not in my place. Don’t know where iam. I am walking with a stranger I think he knows me but didn’t seem him before in reality. Day is night at the end of the walk we are in a building lots of workers are there. I think that is a storage place or a worksite. The workers are greeting me.

Deflection 2

Sitting near to a railway track. 3 girls also sitting there. They are looking me like they know me previously. I just started walking away from there. They are following me.i walked almost a long distance. But I couldn’t seen anyone at that place. That girls still following me. I think no one there in that place(village) except we four. Still iam walking I turned back there are not following. Again I walked some times. At last I seem a black color building. I think no one is there. I gone inside… One girl of that three is sitting in a chair there. I think she was waiting for me. Asked something. Not clear.she took me to a small room.

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